093 - Tom Yum

We recorded this episode early! We can only assume that there have been no developments in our stories. Which are, this week...

CoronasVaccines from the EU are delayed, or maybe they're not? (Definitely no developments on this one... nope...)

Positivity Corner: Landlords are selling off their houses now that it's mandatory to ensure houses have, for example, doors 

First Nations: Another tragic piece of cultural genocide as the Kooyang rock formation was destroyed by a farmer 

UFU: Van Badham has many sock puppets (again, more developments on this story? nah, couldn't be) as does Andrew Laming 

Blessed Take/Blurst Take: Blessed take goes to Jacqueline Maley for dunking on Scott Morrison - Blurst Take goes to Australian men ages 18-34, for not dunking on Scott Morrison.  

SPOTW: Goes to Hill for his Two Toms meme, plus we have a little bit of info about some anti-Nazi raids by the AFP this week 

Fashy Australia: Peter Dutton sues twitter users for defamation 

Mains: More info about the proposed changes to the NDIS and the sneaky stuff the government is doing to downplay them 

And you'll just have to listen to the end for our Pupdate!

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