094 - 101 Bread Roll Squadron

Another week, another too much news and politics and politicians saying extremely silly stuff. This week we’re chatting about:


Positivity Corner: Domino’s fails to stop worker class action

SPOTW: Leunig and Christine Holgate

Another Round of Coronas: Vaccine blood clots and a potluck

Broken Clock: NDIS independent assessments put on hold

First Nations: [CW for the names of Ingidenous people who have died 33:14 - 45:14] 10 demands from the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Service on the 30th anniversary of the royal commission into Aboriginal deaths in custody

Potluck 2: Eels!

Fashy Australia: 101 Doll Squadron and HMAS Supply

Blurst Take: Phillip Thompson: “Military gone woke”

Mains: Ben Robert-Smith, War Crimes Hero

Potluck 3: Footy, and men’s footy


CW for mentions of deaths in our community - 1:38:52 - 1:43:04


Thomas Coyne fundraiser:



Daphne Camf interviews:





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