095 - More Weed Brownies Again

Welcome back to Auspol Snackpod, the podcast that hasn't figured out the format for its joke intros yet. We have another long episode for you all, starting with a tasty entree... 

Entree: Happy Weed Day / Hitler's Birthday - a brief update on the situation with marijuana in so-called Australia 

Blurst Take: Kristina K. Keneally loves torturing children in jails 

Positivity Corner: the Shenhua Watermark coal mine is cancelled! But... for terrible reasons. Also George Christensen quits Parliament, and Tom Sewell got doxxed 

Fashy AustraliaCW for anti-trans stuff - you can skip from 25:20 to 37:10.

SPOTW: Bernardi. Cory Bernardi. Is serving up cringe, shaken not stirred. Plus an IRL SPOTW to whoever is tagging Pfizer around inner Melbourne 

UFU: It's the milkshake video. Sorry. 

First Nations: CW for discussion of Indigenous (and non-Indigenous) people who have died. You can skip from 1:00:00 - 1:15:00. Killer cops being charged here and in the USA. We talk a bit about the Chauvin conviction and what it means for Indigenous lives and killer police in Australia. 

Mains: Scott Morrison manages to totally embarrass himself and the country at international climate talks YET AGAIN. 

Broken Clock: Even our mining sector is better than our government on climate! 

And you'll just have to listen to the end for the Pupdate! 

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Watch the Cringy Bernardi ad here: https://twitter.com/cameronwilson/status/1384373251493666816 

Watch the Milkshake video here (if you really want to do that to yourself): https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-04-20/nsw-premier-state-politicians-slam-milkshake-consent-video/100081296 

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