101 - Sausageworks Pickletank

This week on snackpod we're serving up:

Entree: Harvey Norman has a long standing tradition of being awful 

Coronas: Lockdown in Victoria, a "disaster payment" and...

Positivity Corner: The Federal Government is FINALLY building a quarantine facility. 

SPOTW: Shoutouts to Jimmy for some amazing content. Zac looked into Libertyworks and how pickley they really are. 

UFU: Christian Porter sucks, gave up on a court case, and claims it as a win 

First Nations: A report shows that the Stolen Generation involved about twice as many people as we previously thought 

Blurst Take: Peter Khalil continues Labor's wonderful tradition of being absolutely useless. Just by the way, both of us were wrong: he wasn't in council and he's not in shadow cabinet.

Fashy Aus: It's unfair to say the Dobseeker Hotline is gestapo-like, because it's extremely inefficient 

And you'll just have to listen to the end for our Pupdate! 

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