108 - Cheese n Crikeys

Please stick with us past the first minute of this episode because we start messy but I think the episode is a good one! We spend quite a while on everyone's favourite segment of Auspol Snackpod: the sports news. Also, we're nearly at our goal of 100 reviews on Apple Podcasts, please go and leave us a review.

There's a CW from 35 mins til the end of the show because we discuss transphobic views in a bit of detail.

This week on the show we're serving up...

Entree: Friendlyjordies is asking John Barilaro to weaken his own position in their court case 

Coronas: Gladys wants all the Pfizer for NSW and we talk about the ATAGI (Atagi?) issue and how Scott Morrison has yet again made life difficult for himself by being a useless muppet 

First Nations: the Eastern Guruma people are refusing to do Welcome to Country ceremonies for Rio 

SPOTW: Golden Dawn! They're... swimmers? 

Blurst Take / Fashy Aus / Mains: Crikey published a rabidly transphobic article, and Zac does a bit of a deep dive into the author and the way that transphobia and fascism are related / the same thing, and the way violent anti-semitism pops up if you scratch the surface of a transphobe.

And you'll have to listen to the end for our Pupdate! 

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Read about fascism and transphobia: https://freedomnews.org.uk/2021/03/20/alert-transphobic-feminism-and-far-right-activism-rapidly-converging/ 

Tweet thread from @christapeterso: https://twitter.com/christapeterso/status/1416599964214448130 


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