118 - UNLOCKED BONUS: Definitely True Facts about Bob Hawke (and aliens)

We're taking a week off! Woo! So we're releasing this bonus episode from a couple months ago. Zac did some actual research about Bob Hawke acting as an informant for the US Government, and Noon did some rants about the Rendlesham Forest incident and the assassination of Bobby Kennedy. 

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For more please check out Cameron Coventry's work about Bob Hawke: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/341655929_The_'Eloquence'_of_Robert_J_Hawke_United_States_informer_1973-79 

For more about Bobby Kennedy, check out the RFK Tapes: http://rfktapes.com/ 

For more about Rendlesham Forest, keep watching the skies. 


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