149 - KFC Broriginal Recipe ft Travis De Vries

We're very excited to have friend, confident, and member of our inner sanctum, Travis on the show! He's a founder of Awesome Black, a First Nations multi-media organisation that "develops original First Nations talent and unique storytelling content across a variety of mediums". Go check out their shows and support the AB Club: https://awesomeblack.org/ 

This week we're serving up...

SPOTW: Bevaning is at dangerously high levels after the SMH outed Rebel Wilson. The good news is this new data allows us to develop a clearer understand of Bevandynamics. 

Kook Watch/First Nations: Travis brings us a new concept for the segment - how can we PROVE BEYOND DOUBT that the Uluru Statement from the Heart is part of Craig Kelly's nefarious plans? 

Blurst Take: *looks at watch* Oh is it transphobia in the Victorian Greens time already? Zac takes us through what's been going on with the elections for Convenor. 

Positivity Corner: Minimum wage rise babbyyyyyyyy. It's still bad! Haha, economics. 

Election Section: Hanson got back in. Abetz got the boot. We all voted for Kodos. Plus a rant from Travis about democracy. 

UFU: *looks at watch* oh is it capitalism destroying essential services time already? The Energy Market is a complex and evil (and expensive) machine. But don't worry, no billionaires will be harmed as a result. 

Mains: Travis needs help with casting a film. Noon scrolls through IMDB pretending to be able to recognise faces. 

And you'll just have to listen to the end for our Pupdate! and a cuckdate from Travis. 

Please support Awesome Black! Check them out and give $$ here: https://awesomeblack.org/awesome-black-media/donate/ 

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And keep watching the skies....

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