142 - No News is Gouda News

There's pretty much nothing happening except the election, i.e., there's pretty much nothing happening. But we have a show about it! 

Election Section: There was a leader's "debate", the Labor Party have announced they hate the planet and everyone in the country, Albo got "da bib", and Liberal Transphobe Katherine Deves continues to make everyone mad (see episode 108 for more: https://auspolsnackpod.podbean.com/e/108-cheese-n-crikeys/

Fashy Australia: Todd Sampson is a doofus and is taking happy snaps with active, out-and-proud white supremacists 

First Nations/Positivity Corner: CW for discussion of massacres + genocide from 27:50 - 32:35. A massacre site at Gai-i has been handed back to the control of the traditional owners, the Darumbal people.  

UFU: Frydenberg is having a bad week, almost entirely of his own making 

Potluck: If you want to send in a recording of you talking about Australian politics, news, or memes (or, uh, singing a TV show theme song?) please send it in to contact@auspolsnackpod.com 

SPOTW: Adam Bandt ruined my shitposting group and I will be voting UAP from now on 

and you'll just have to wait to the end for our Pupdate! 

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